Château de la Beauté

Château de la Beauté

Château de la Beauté, LLC (Castle of Beauty) is the umbrella organization under which Tiffany Andersen Management Company and the related entities reside. Tiffany Andersen is a sought-after medical aesthetician with over 25 years of experience. She has developed two high-performing, organic skincare lines and is currently in process of developing a third. Tiffany Andersen’s name is synonymous with unique, cutting-edge ingredients in the skincare industry. Her passion to develop such unique formulas began with her Gavée Gold Collection. Since then, she has expanded into a bath and body line, Salts Alive, which will launch May 2017 and can currently be found in the TruFusion yoga/fitness franchises (rapidly expanding throughout the US).

The success of Tiffany Andersen’s brand and formulations has also been recognized internationally, as Gavée Gold prepares to launch in United Arab Emirates, beginning with Dubai, in the coming months.

Tiffany Andersen Gavée Gold Collection

Clean, Green and Organic 24K Gold Skincare Products

Founded by Tiffany Andersen, a top Las Vegas medical aesthetician and Holistic Health Practitioner, Gavée Gold is a high-performing, organic, anti-aging skincare line with exclusive world rights to proprietary ingredients never before used in the skincare industry. Our organically extracted, metal-free 24K liquid gold and mineral cell salts have been purified over time to increase their potency. Those ingredients are meticulously infused into all of our formulations, resulting in beautiful, luminous skin without the use of toxic chemicals. Our formulas have proven therapeutic benefits. With the support of Dr. Jin Lee and in collaboration with an internationally respected cosmetic chemist and toxicologist, our products were shown to be free of carcinogens, hormone disruptors and neurotoxins.

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Tiffany Andersen Salts Alive

Bath and Body Collection

Recently debuted on Home Shopping Network, Tiffany Andersen created Salts Alive, an organic, vegan bath and body line featuring elements from her proprietary blend contained in the Gavée Gold Collection. The Salts Alive line contains clinically proven ingredients including organically extracted mineral cell salts and super ozonated omega oils 3, 6, 9 with medical grade ozone, which helps restore lipids and keratin to the skin and hair.

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WholeHOPE Foundation

Non-Profit Organization Supporting Those Impacted by Life Altering Events

Driven by purpose and intense desire to give back to others and inspire HOPE, the WholeHOPE Foundation is Tiffany Andersen’s passion project. Through education and carefully selected products and protocols to help re-energize a person’s body, mind, and spirit, the WholeHOPE Foundation will offer encouragement and support to those experiencing personal tragedy. These products and protocols are gifts of nature, which are available to all but unknown by many. The WholeHOPE Foundation launched in February of 2017 with a $200,000 in-kind giveaway through UNLV’s women’s group.

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Finding Faith Book

Award Winning Christian Autobiography by Tiffany Andersen

It all began with a story! Tiffany Andersen first told her story in an award-winning memoir, Finding Faith, which took her over 15 years to complete. It printed in 2014, only weeks prior to Tiffany developing the vision for the Gavée Gold Collection. Having now formulated two skincare lines and working on a third, the growth of these skincare lines superseded the launch of Finding Faith. However, with a determined spirit and grounded in a mission to inspire HOPE, Tiffany has not forgotten her primary motivation, which all began with her story, Finding Faith. In Finding Faith, Tiffany tells the story of the tragedies she has overcome in order to pursue her purpose and heart’s desire━to help others find HOPE despite challenging circumstances and find their strength in something much greater than themselves.

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