Manufacturing Certification

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Responsibilities
Tiffany Andersen’s company operates under the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which is one of the highest requirements set by the New European Regulation for Cosmetics. This regulation is the pillar set to ensure consumer safety. These new regulations require all cosmetic products entering into the European Market must be produced under the legal standards of the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices described by the ISO 2276 standard. These new standards set regulations on all components of manufacturing, including ingredient producers, products, final assembler, distribution, and importers/exporters—all components involved.

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices certification assures that products are being produced under strict guidelines, especially focused on operational rules, organizational guidelines, human, technical, and administrative factors affecting the outcome of products. The objective is to protect the quality assurance of any activity that leads to the final production and product safety.