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SALT. The ominous four letter word. It’s bad for you. We grew up hearing over and over that it is, so it must be right? There are many different types of salts though. Regular table salt is the processed evil that we should really stay away from but there are healthier cooking salts such as Himalayan, fleur de seul and sea salt. I could go on but what do you know about cell salts? These actually provide the body with essential minerals and keep our functions balance. So here’s a short overview…

Mineral Cell Salts

Cell salts are not a “rock salt” of any kind. Actually, it is a fine powder that dissolves easily and ­completely devoid of any salt flavoring at all. So with that being said, this is not a salt that is used on your food. Cell salts are the purified form of the most vital minerals needed to restore proper health. These minerals make up 75 percent of the cells in the body and are 80 percent more bioavailable than any other salt on the market. What this means is it allows them to get to the root of your problem in order to restore proper function to the living tissue and why this is essential to your body’s overall health. Cell Salts–AKA tissue cell salts.

In the late 1880s a German doctor and naturopath, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, based his studies on natural remedies. One of his experiments resulted in a list of biochemical cell salts that are now popular in alternative medicines. He analyzed the ash residue of human cells and found 12 inorganic mineral salts. With this, he theorized that these 12 elements are critical in balancing cellular activity and health and then made cell salt remedies comprised of these in low potency so they can be easily assimilated.

Restore Balance

What makes this truly unique is when used internally it is building up the constitutional health of a person over a long period of time. They use it to help restore the organs and tissues, which is why these seem like a no-brainer. Cell salts are equilibrium remedies; they are used to balance not only the excess but ALSO deficiencies. When our body is depleted of cell salts, it draws from the deeper tissue creating a more serious deficiency, eventually manifesting as aging skin and disease. Actually ALL skin conditions can be linked back to a deficient cell salt!

The cell salts that we use in our Salts Alive and Gavée Gold products are purified cell salts. These are taken to the next level as it has taken over 30 years to naturally purify. Our active ingredients are in greater concentrations due to our advanced extraction process. This is not a “mass chemical procedure” – it is an intricate process that requires years to extract the living minerals as they naturally increase in potency over time.

These remedies have been used by millions for over 120 years and proven to be helpful in balancing many issues in the body. Many of these remedies are quite important in today’s medical science. What should make this really important is the fact they are NOT A DRUG, but rather a powerful rebalancing natural supplement vital to the health of living tissue. Sounds like something we all should be adding to our regimen, don’t you think?

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Disclaimer: we do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease with our products. We simply desire to enlighten the public on healthy options for beautiful skin from the inside out.

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