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Our Founder Tiffany Andersen has overcome a great deal of adversity and represents a survivor spirit. During her career as a holistic medical esthetician, she began creating Clean Cosmeceutical™ skincare lines out of necessity to bring her medical spa clients products that competed with highly efficacious formulas sold only through medical spas, without the often harsh and toxic chemicals.

SURVIVOR: one who does not give up in the face of adversity.

Our company has one goal: to inspire people to live in good health with beautiful skin by following a Holistic Journey™️ lifestyle. Our customers quickly see results, both in their skin and through a healthy lifestyle shift. These visible and encouraging results inspire their loved ones to follow the same path. This is how we create the smallest ripple in the world to make lasting change.

“A true whole beauty turnaround requires a tenacious drive which challenges each of us to the very core, on all levels—mind, body and spirit.”

~Tiffany Andersen

We believe that true beauty comes from within, and that foundation has focused our direction in creating Clean Cosmeceutical™ skincare formulations from conception. In addition, our bath and body collection is created to meet the highest standards of certified organic, natural and vegan—removing all carcinogens, neurotoxins, and hormone disruptors—as validated and certified by a licensed toxicologist. 

Sharing our journey includes educating our customers on beauty, health, and wellness principles including the difference between whole food and synthetic supplements. Just as we believe in Clean Cosmeceutical™ skincare, we also believe it’s vital to understand the truth behind toxic vitamins. Through the Holistic Journey™ and in association with our sister company Renew Medical Spa, we share a co-op of benefits with our customers and pay it forward, so they may all walk the clean, holistic path for life.

Live in good health with beautiful skin!


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