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Viro-Bac-Yst 90 Capsules Set of Three

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Vira-Bac-YST™ is a vegan 100% FOOD supplement that is intended to support a health immune and digestive system.  It contains herbs such as Wild Oregano (which is not the same as the spice called oregano).

Vira-Bac-YST™ Enhances immune health, Contains fiber, and is a Chlorphy11 source.

This product may ship directly from the manufacture not Tiffany Andersen Brands please allow 7-10 days.

Suggested use: 1-9 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional. Adjust usage according to nutritional lifestyle requirements.

EcoCert Sustainably Grown Certified

We use sustainably grown ingredients such as Rosamax that are approved ECOCERT.


Vira-Bac-YST: Enchances immune health, Contains fiber, and is a Chlorphy11 source.

Vira-Bac-YST naturally contains carbohydrates, lipids, proteins (including essential amino acids), as found in Buckwheat Leaf and Juice, Olive Leaf Concentrate, and Wild Oregano–all the nutrients shown above are contained in these foods. Unlike many so-called “natural” formulas, Vira-Bac-YST is only comprised of foods and contains no synthetic USP nutrients or isolated mineral salts, but only contains foods and food concentrates.

Numerous university studies have concluded that supplements containing food nutrients are better than USP isolates. Food nutrients are better because they contain important enzymes, peptides, and phytonutrients CRITICAL to the UTILIZATION of vitamins and minerals which are not present in isolated USP nutrients. Published research has concluded that food vitamins are superior synthetic/USP vitamins.

Some of these studies (or citations) may not conform to peer review standards, therefore, the results are not conclusive. Professionals can, and often do, come to different conclusions when reviewing scientific dataNone of these statements have been reviewed by the FDA. All products distributed by Doctors’ Research, Inc. are nutritional and are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any medical condition.


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