Time to smooth out those wrinkles before that big holiday party! Golden Enzymes to the rescue! Golden Enzymes use a dual exfoliating action, 7% glycolic acid with a low 

pH creating an effectively stronger glycolic peel, to help dissolve the glue holding the skin cells together and bromelain enzymes to help gently digest the dead skin cells.   

Did you know…

Glycolic acid also acts as a humectant, so it draws moisture to the skin. That is part of the reason your skin feels so hydrated when you use our Golden Enzymes. Our rich infusion of sweet almond oil and panthenol pro b vitamin gives your skin that extra glow you are looking for while gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. Your skin will be so supple and hydrated you won’t even realize you have just been deeply exfoliated!

The sweet pineapple smell of our Golden Enzymes will leave you feeling like you are in the tropics!


For a professional treatment, combine Golden Enzymes with Diamond Cell Salt Polish. First do a gentle polish with Diamond Cell Salt Polish, rinse well, then apply Golden Enzymes. This will create a tingling effect and could cause slight peeling. Over the next few days, use extra serums and gels.  Follow with another gentle scrub using the Diamond Cell Salt Polish approximately three days later to help lift any dead skin cells.

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