Salts Alive Restore Wins ICMAD

Tiffany Andersen is the Founder & CEO of Tiffany Andersen Companies and is gaining recognition for her unique and cutting-edge formulations. Gavée Gold a reverse-aging skincare collection is the Tiffany Andersen Companies’ flagship collection. Salts Alive, a vegan bath and body line, is the newest addition. Both lines feature organically extracted elements which have been purified like a fine wine over 30 years. Gavée Gold and Salts Alive are the first product lines to introduce these elements.

Tiffany’s commitment to success begins with her dedication to help others. Tiffany has been a cutting-edge clinical aesthetician and holistic health practitioner for 25+ years. She prides herself on introducing new elements and therapies which help restore beauty inside and out. As a master technician at Renew Medical Spa, Tiffany continues to service select clients but has expanded her reach to help more people on a national level with her two high-performing and award winning skincare lines ⎼ Gavée Gold and Salts Alive.

In addition to her mission to raise the bar for safe cosmetics, Tiffany is driven to inspire… H.O.P.E.
Health and beauty uncompromised by toxins;
Optimism through life’s greatest challenges;
Peace that surrounds you when you need it most;
Encouragement to never give up!

This mission has become her passion project—the newly revised Beauty Bible a 52- Week Health & Beauty Plan is coming soon!.

From a young girl fighting for her life on more than one occasion, to a woman paving the way for H.O.P.E., Tiffany Andersen is on a mission. With a story to tell of hope, love, and faith, Tiffany’s award-winning memoir Finding Faith, won best autobiography in 2014 through the largest Christian publishing house in the nation: Xulon Press.


“I have always known my purpose was to help people. When I started my first company, I could not fathom we would grow into so many new dimensions. With the support of many great people, to whom I am forever grateful, we have built a strong foundation giving me the opportunity to give back. I look forward sharing how to live a quality life, full of faith, love and hope … even in the midst of hardship.”

– Tiffany Andersen