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Tiffany’s story is truly one of tragedy to triumph. One of grace and gratitude. After surviving a traumatic car accident at fifteen that nearly left her paralyzed, she then overcame stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  It was evident that her body could no longer filter toxins and she had to drastically change her lifestyle. Through grace from above, she focused on rebuilding her life––physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually––and began her search for regenerative therapies to help restore her body. What she discovered helped save her life–ozone therapy and cell salts. Tiffany translated these therapeutics into a Clean Cosmeceutical® skincare. 

Adhering to safe cosmetic guidelines with the support of Dr. Jin Lee, an internationally respected cosmetic chemist and a toxicologist, Tiffany’s Andersen Brands was born.

Tiffany began developing Clean Cosmeceuticals™ to help reverse the aging process without using harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone or harsh retinol. Tiffany sought out clean, bioactive ingredients to feed the skin and support the building blocks of life. Through her extensive research, she began blending Clean Cosmeceuticals™ with what she had discovered years before ozone (activated oxygen), and cell salts a powerful catalyst of earth minerals, using an extensive purification process. The result is a unique formula that facilitates the performance of active ingredients to reduce roughness and inflammation, slow collagen breakdown, firm skin and improve radiance.

Tiffany uses ingredients with proven clinicals to help with wrinkles, pigmentation and skin laxity without containing carcinogens, neurotoxins or hormone disruptors.

She launched her Clean Cosmeceutical™ line with proven (third party) efficacy from Essex Clinical Testing. They are among the most stringent third-party testing facilities in the nation. This proved her formulas perform at the highest level. She then developed a green & mineral-rich bath and body collection (Salts Alive) with the same strict criteria and a greater focus on cell salts.  

Tiffany’s companies have won multiple awards over four consecutive years through the Independent Beauty Association (formerly ICMAD), a globally recognized non-profit association supporting innovative products and businesses of all sizes.

As a Medical Laser Safety Officer, Tiffany has an advanced understanding of the use of lasers combined with skincare. She developed her Clean Cosmeceutical™ collection specifically for use after laser procedures for all skin types, seasons and reasons. 


Tiffany’s Clean Cosmeceuticals® also proudly introduces The Medispa, a seven-in-one facial aesthetic device that is powered by Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals™.

The Medispa® is the next generation of full facial rejuvenation, featuring seven aesthetic modalities in one machine. No longer are we limited to one treatment per machine. 

We can now offer our clients all of the best modalities—oxygen facials, hydradermabrasion, microcurrent, CO2 buffing tip and more—in a single advanced facial experience. To make things even better, the Medispa® uses Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals®  with each of its seven modalities.

Tiffany uses ingredients with proven clinicals to help with wrinkles, pigmentation and skin laxity without containing carcinogens, neurotoxins or hormone disruptors.

The Medispa


By expanding into aesthetic equipment, Tiffany introduces––along with the Medispa––other laser technology such as FotoFacial, Yag, RF Microneedling, Hair Removal, and Medical Red Light technology.  

All of the aesthetic devices sold through Tiffany’s master holding company Spa Tech Solutions™ are exclusively sold with a starter set of Clean Cosmeceuticals™ that help nourish and repair the skin without the use of toxic or harsh chemicals.

Tiffany Andersen with Dean Langdon

Dean and his team launched the Medispa and Clean Cosmeceuticals in over 70 high-end spa locations for Spa Tech Solutions.

Gracious Glow Experience, our integrated wellness spa in Wilmington, NC, features a unique cellular optimization facial experience highlighting UltraSlim®, combined with the Medispa® facial aesthetic device and Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals™.

Our guests can experience the FDA-cleared power of UltraSlim®, delivering cellular detoxification, rejuvenation, and the seven-in-one Medispa® facial aesthetic device.

Tiffany has over 30 years of esthetic experience as a licensed esthetician. She earned her post-graduate certification through the American Institute of Esthetics (AIE) in Orange County, CA, specializing in skin analysis, advanced chemical peeling, advanced anti-aging techniques, advanced acne treatments and rejuvenation therapy. Tiffany is also a graduate of the highly acclaimed Rayner Institute, a Certified Registered Nursing for Continuing Education program. She completed the rigorous Dermatological Skincare course curriculum and examination with scores in the top percentile.

Tiffany has completed the only aesthetic Medical Laser Safety Officer course curriculum allowing estheticians to sit for the Board of Laser Safety exam, holding the title Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO).  

This course is now exclusively offered through The International Academy of Cosmetic Laser Surgery and in partnership with the Clean Cosmeceutical Institute by Tiffany Andersen.

Together we will make history throughout the nation as the first course that certifies estheticians to legally use the full term “Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer.”

Expanding her passion for anti-aging, Tiffany is a Certified Sports Medicine Professional through The American College of Anti-Aging Sports Medicine Professionals – ACASP. Tiffany has earned a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health through the Global College of Natural Medicine. Tiffany is a Certified Clinical Nutrition Response Tester through Ulan Nutritional Systems.


TIffany has fought for her life on more than one occasion. She is on a mission and has a story to tell of hope, love and faith. Tiffany’s award-winning memoir Finding Faith, won Best Autobiography in 2014 through Xulon Press, the largest Christian publishing house in the nation.

Throughout her career and all the ups and downs that comes with running multiple companies, Tiffany finds her grounding in writing. Spending time reflecting on the journey, the miracles, the hardships and the rewards is where she finds her greatest strength. 

“Encouraging those around me to look beyond the natural and appreciate what comes from Above is what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment in life.” ~ Tiffany Andersen

Live in good health with beautiful skin!


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