Made with Grace & Gratitude

Dr. Jin Lee, the Chief Scientific Board Member for Tiffany Andersen Brands, obtained Medical Degree from Louisiana State University Medical Center and moved to Las Vegas in 1994 to do her residency program in family medicine. Following completion of her training, Dr. Lee worked for UMC and then for a private practice until the summer of 2006. She opened her Renew Medical Spa in November of 2006.

Opening Renew Medical Spa was the end result of Dr. Lee’s quest to improve her own skin conditions. After series of procedures over a number of years to correct her skin imperfections, Dr. Lee began searching for better ways to repair, to rejuvenate and to protect and maintain skin health. Dr. Lee prides herself on keeping up with innovative technologies in laser cosmetic procedures and medical grade skincare.

Coupled with a passion to bring innovative products to her patients, Dr. Jin Lee was first to join Tiffany Andersen in the creation of the Gavée Gold Collection after in-depth research into the organic extraction process which purifies 24K liquid gold over time like a fine wine. Dr. Lee understands the cutting-edge process which has been made popular in Europe’s Western medicine but not seen in the mainstream US market today. Her research on the use of these purified elements helped fuel the mission to secure exclusivity on the proprietary blend used in all the Gavée Gold formulas on a worldwide basis. Dr. Lee sits on the board for both Gavée Gold and Salts Alive and continues support Tiffany in all of her enterprises.