Tiffany Andersen

Clean Cosmeceuticals

Made with love in the USA

Advanced Skincare Therapist Course (in person)


Provided at Gracious Glow Experience


  • Certificate of completion 
  • $2,500 worth of Clean Cosmeceuticals™
  • $1,000 rebate on Medispa purchase

See Curriculum Modules below


AST Module 1 Course Curriculum

Clean Cosmeceticals Activated Cell Salts, Activated Oxygen, O3 Oxy Cleanse

Cellular Health Bioactive Nutrients 

  • Why are they Important 
  • How to Custom Blend Clean Cosmeceuticals™ 
  • Advanced Esthetic Protocols 

Clean Beauty Standards

  • Organic
  • All Natural 
  • Green

Toxicology Standards  

  • Hormone Disruptors
  • Carcinogens
  • Neurotoxins

AST Module 2 Course Curriculum

Cellular Health Optimization 

  • Medical Red Light 

Electronic Muscle Stimulation 

  • Electro Ion (Microcurrent) 

Thermo Therapy 

  • Hot Steam
  • Hot Hammer
  • Cold Therapy 
  • Radio Frequency

Oxygen Therapy 

  • Oxygen Infusion 
  • Enriched O2 Cleansing Capsule 

Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Suction & Hydradermabrasion Aquapeel 

Ultrasonic Wave

  • Sonophoresis with Ultrasound Handpiece


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