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Finding Faith


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Tiffany Andersen was a typical Southern California teenager enjoying a summer of sun and fun, hanging out with friends at pool parties and beach outings.

A near-fatal car accident changed everything.

Tiffany endured multiple painful surgeries and even more painful recoveries. Drowning her sorrows, she medicated deep-seated pain and ignored the warning signs. But the internal scars didn’t heal until Tiffany—finally following God’s voice—pulled herself from the brink of darkness into the Light.

Finding Faith is the tale of a young woman’s struggle to find herself, find true love, and—in the process—find God.

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3 reviews for Finding Faith

  1. Holly Knehans

    It’s a beautiful story! Very real and inspiring.

  2. Cory K

    I read Tiffany’s book, and it’s very inspiring. It’s amazing how she went through all of the set backs that she has with her health, and that’s why she is now on a personal journey to help others to become healthy. When someone has love for others that much, it shows what a unselfish person she is.

  3. Chantel F.

    Tiffany is a wonderful storyteller.

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