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Metal-Free Liquid Gold


  • Known as “Elixir of Life”
  • Metal-free, organically extracted 24K liquid gold.
  • The only method that allows gold’s beneficial properties to be absorbed by the skin.
  • Light years ahead of other skincare lines that contain gold metal particles such as nano, colloidal or ormus which is NOT what we are.

Gavée Gold‘s Proprietary Blend uses a process that starts with 24K gold and captures the properties of the gold leaving the final liquid formulation completely metal-free. The proprietary solvents we use for this process come from organic food grade therapeutic elements, 100 percent safe for Mother Earth and your skin! Our process is trademarked to protect the precious elements in our possession.

Our studies on the process of our purified gold liquid have been thoroughly validated and deemed extremely beneficial for the skin by Dr. Javier Moreno, a Registered Clinical Pharmacist who specializes in cosmetic chemistry. In addition our clinical studies and formulations have been evaluated by a group of elite doctors, led by Dr. Haysam Alkamal, in the the famous Al Hamra area of Beirut City, Lebanon for distribution in the Middle East.

Gavée Gold uses a proprietary process that organically extracts 24K gold properties and purifies them over long periods of time to increase in potency and antioxidant benefits, much like a fine wine. The tedious process of separating gold’s beneficial properties from the metal body involves four primary steps: separation, purification, recombination, and further purification. The last step is only achievable after long periods of time, during which all metallic components are entirely eliminated. As the gold properties begin to change their state of composition they become highly purified and, given its nature, we see a similar maturing process as occurs in wine.

In short, our process would be similar to extracting the yolk of an egg, where all the nutrients are, and discarding the shell, which is the dead metal body with no life-giving properties. This process is extremely time consuming and therefore would take anyone else over 30 years to achieve, yet it’s the same purification Gavée Gold has already accomplished.


  • Increasing radiance of skin
  • Reducing skin roughness
  • Stimulating cellular growth for smoother skin
  • Slowing the breakdown of collagen
  • Firming skin cells
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Acne
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