Truth About Vitamins

The Truth About Vitamins



Dr. Robert Thiel, PhD, NMD

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Dr. Robert Thiel, PhD, NMD.

Whole Food Vitamins


Many vitamin and supplement companies use words like natural and organic, but this doesn’t mean they contain 100% whole foods.

Certain chemicals—like thiamine hydrochloride (used in “B1”), pyridoxine hydrochloride (used in “B6”) and cyanocobalamin (used in “B12”)—do not exist in foods so are not truly natural vitamins.

Do your research and read supplement labels to make sure what you’re putting in your body is actually good for you.

Whole food supplements are ALWAYS better than synthetic ones.

Skin tips with Tiff

Gentle Homemade Exfoliant

Try this quick three-ingredient scrub to gently and naturally remove those dead skin cells. This homemade exfoliant is good for all skin types.

  • *Baking soda is gentle and dissolves quickly. Blends nicely with cell salts and helps unclog pores.
  • Manuka honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural base to mix with the baking soda and cell salts.
  • Lavender essential oil helps to calm the skin; contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Use equal proportions of baking soda and honey. We like to use two tablespoons and blend in a glass jar to save any extra. Blend honey and baking soda together. Add crushed cell salts as desired. Then add a couple drops of lavender essential oil.

Blend with a little water and gently massage into clean skin for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with a good peptide serum, hydrating gel and moisturizer.

*Be sure to do a test spot to ensure you don’t have allergies to baking soda.


Beauty Detective

Learn the correct exfoliation techniques and products for your specific skin type.

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