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EP 5 CHALLENGE QUESTION: What is one thing you can do today to make a small change in your life?

Optimum Nutrient Intake


Many of us have learned about RDA, or Recommended Daily Allowance, with regard to food and nutrition. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines RDA as “the average daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97%-98%) healthy people.”

Fewer of us know the acronym ONI—Optimum Nutrient Intake. “The Optimum Daily Allowances are estimates based on what the science is showing us to be the most beneficial intakes of nutrients.” This is according to Patrick Holford, pioneer in the health and nutrition field and author of 37 books, including The New Optimum Nutrition Bible.

The bottom line is this: for optimum health, we likely need more nutrients than the RDA tells us. In addition, when paired with their synergistic mates at the optimum levels, nutrients become much more effective.

For example: taking folic acid alone decreases homocysteine (a toxic protein in the blood linked to birth defects, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions none of us want) levels by about 17%. That’s great, right? Sure it is, but it’s not nearly as great as the 60% decrease in homocysteine levels that happens with optimum levels of folic acid along with vitamins B6 and B12.

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

ONI = Optimum Nutrient Intake

Did you know with Donna

Did you know raw cacao contains only 1% caffeine and actually aids in sleep?



For a good night’s sleep

  • Start with a capsule of ashwagandha, a medicinal herb adaptogen also known as Indian ginseng reputed to help with anxiety and depression.
  • Add 1 – 2 teaspoons raw cacao powder
  • Add 8oz warm nut-based milk (almond, cashew, flaxseed, etc.)
  • Add raw organic honey to taste.
  • Mix all together and drink 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.
Raw Cacao

Adaptogens support the body’s ability to manage stress.

Skin Tips with Tiff

Custom Blending

Last week we talked about relaxing with a detoxifying bath. Follow that with a nourishing blend of oxygen, cell salts and peptides for an optimum experience.

  • Skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, so it’s important to use clean products.
  • After a bath, pores are open, allowing for better absorption of vital elements.
  • Combining ozone infused oil with a peptide-rich serum and a light body lotion will help lock in moisture from collagen protein.
  • Firming peptides target loose skin.

Beauty Detective – Oxygen & Ozone

  • Oxygen is O2
  • Ozone is O3

When cosmetic-grade ozone is infused into oil and applied to skin, the third molecule falls off and goes after free radicals, leaving pure O2 to help destroy bacteria, oxygenate and rejuvenate the skin.

We have a great deal of information to offer on this topic. To learn more, be sure to complete this week’s Challenge Response

Golden Radiance O3

Don’t just survive. Learn to THRIVE!

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