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Tiffany Andersen is a clinically licensed esthetician and holistic health practitioner from Renew Medical Spa with over 25 years of experience in the field of esthetics, specializing in custom blending. Tiffany discovered a need for organic, clean, and green formulas that would perform as well as products sold in a medical spa, but without the harsh chemicals. Her drive to develop clean formulas stems from overcoming several catastrophic and life-altering events that prevented her body from properly filtering toxins.

In 2012, with the support of Dr. Jin Lee, Tiffany began intense research and development with a world-renowned cosmetic chemist, a toxicologist, and a licensed clinical pharmacist who specializes in cosmetic chemistry. Tiffany discovered elements never seen before in skincare and developed a unique proprietary blend of metal-free liquid gold, cell salts, and highly concentrated cosmetic ozone oil. After carefully selecting each unique ingredient, Tiffany oversaw her specialists through a three-year research and development period to meticulously perfect her formulas and ensure the purity, power, and efficacy of her products.

Over 25 years of developing custom formulas that are effective and toxin-free have paid off with two amazing brands: Gavée Gold and Salts Alive.

What is the unique value proposition your brand or product brings to the category?

Tiffany Andersen Brands is quickly becoming known for innovation. The struggle from the beginning was introducing something new and often challenging for consumers to understand. Staying true to the unique proposition, we focus on educating consumers on the importance of clean, high-performing skincare using elements purified over time to remove toxic components such as metal.

Consumers often confused man-made calcium fluoride—which is not good for humans—with calcium fluoride from cell salts, which is not only good, but essential to life, coming directly from Mother Earth. Medical or cosmetic-grade ozonated oils in skincare presented additional confusion as many people were only aware of the ozone in the air that contains nitrates and other harmful ingredients.

Australian celebrity TV host Vivienne Somers sought my technologies and expertise, asking Tiffany Andersen Brands to develop a custom designer formula for her using a purified Australian gold that would address crepey skin. Vivienne Somers Australian Gold Cream will launch in late 2019 with the support of A-list celebrities.

How did you bring the product from concept to commercialization?

Gavée Gold was clearly driven by pure passion. My longtime clientele encouraged me to bring the designer formulations to the global marketplace. I proved the formulas successful in Renew Medical Spa by helping brighten, firm, hydrate, and smooth the skin without using any toxic chemicals. Soon after, some of my loyal clients offered to invest in my mission and formulas. If not for the undying faithfulness of the many loyal customers who wholeheartedly believed in me and my formulas, along with a very driven team of people helping to guide me along the way, Tiffany Andersen Brands may not have been available to anyone.

What is your distribution strategy for the brand?

As a small indie brand, the distribution strategy has evolved many times. After learning from the school of hard knocks, we are now on a solid road to success. Through these changes we are clearly focused on education first and foremost, and launched the brands with those who can help do exactly that. Canyon Ranch Spa & Fitness, the world’s largest spa located on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, is an innovative leader helping share the unique proprietary blend’s full power through 140 therapists elated to learn about new technology.

How have you funded the launch of the brand?

In the beginning my husband Tony and I funded the business. Quickly realizing the purity, power, and uniqueness of the quality of the formulas, Dr. Jin Lee was the first to invest for proper growth. This was quickly followed by a handful of my clients who continue to help keep the vision alive. These early investors include my client Terri Borden, Executive Vice President of construction for Switch Supersnap facilities, and Mike Borden, co-founder and former CEO of Switch Communications, the most powerful data center in the world. This led to one of Dr. Jin Lee’s patients, Janet Wall, investing in the company after falling in love with the products through the medical spa. Janet soon enlisted her husband Roger Wiesenauer, a former CFO with over 40 years of diverse business experience in public accounting and private industry financial management.

Tony and I stand firm in believing that each and every one of the partners represents the true definition of angel investors. These faithful supporters allowed the company to grow while silently and patiently watching the success unfold before their eyes. After many years of extreme hardship and battles to overcome emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, my faith in humanity has been restored by the overflowing kindness, love, and willingness of so many people who stepped forward to offer to support my dream.

What’s been your biggest learning in the process of building your brand?

The ONLY way to success is to accept defeat, letdowns, hardships, and disappointments. I believe that people truly learn more about themselves, how to be more resourceful, and find a way to success after first failing. Because I struggled to survive a major car accident that left me with severe chronic disc degeneration (that later led to stage IV cancer), I learned how to persevere. A literal do-or-die attitude is what has kept me fighting through the difficult times. You need that same kind of grit, fear, and drive to build a skincare company in one of the most crowded industries out there. If you don’t learn how to fight hard, be consistent, and not to take “no” for an answer, you won’t be able to build a brand.

What’s your vision for the future of the brand?

The vision of Tiffany Andersen Brands is to continue formulating innovative products for an ever-growing industry of increasingly savvy consumers. As the brand continues to align with cutting-edge scientists breaking ground with new technologies, all products will continue to deliver proven results while protecting TAB clients with clean formulas.

What excites you about the future of the beauty/wellness industry?

I’m excited to see the knowledge of consumers begin to grow. The average customer is increasingly aware of toxic ingredients in products. It is not enough to look for the word “organic.” The key is to remove all carcinogens, neurotoxins, and hormone disruptors. While this is still not fully understood by the masses, Tiffany Andersen Brands has made huge strides over the last eight years. I’m excited to see how quickly I and my team can inspire more conscious product choices.