Dish Detox Organic Beauty Splurge

By Laura Saltman Reporter who has appeared on E News, CNN, Access Hollywood, FOX, The Insider and more

During Emmy week I attended a beauty suite put on by LA Confidential Magazine and stumbled upon a booth with a beautiful girl with the most perfect flawless skin. I had to know who she was. She turned out to be Tiffany Andersen, a medical aesthetician and the founder of the new, Gavée Gold Anti-Aging Skincare Collection, which much to my delight featured non-toxic organic ingredients with a little something special – organically extracted purified liquid gold.

I am always weary of skincare products claiming to be “natural” as many of them still contain harmful ingredients. I have also yet to find an organic line that works well as the dermatologist formulated brands. So, I was pleasantly surprised, after trying samples given at the gift lounge, that using the Gavée Gold line for a couple of weeks my skin was glowing and hydrated.

Andersen, is a stage IV non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor and has made it her mission to create a line of skincare products that were not only non-toxic but actually helped pull toxins from the skin. She found that the ingredient in the liquid gold, after a group a scientists introduced her to it while she was seeking alternative therapies to stay in remission. While other gold products do exist on the market they are either colloidal or nano-particles which can leave harmful particles in the skin. However, liquid gold in its final formulation (because of Andersen’s extremely long purification process) leaves just the minerals of it.

Gold therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce skin roughness
  • Stimulate cellular growth for smoother skin
  • Slow the breakdown of collagen
  • Firm skin cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Contain anti-bacterial properties, making it good for acne

To make sure each ingredient, included in a formulation with the liquid gold, was also safe for the skin, Andersen and her team plugged them into the Environmental Working Groups database. Only ingredients that were non-toxic were allowed. Gavée Gold even has an ingredient checker on their website so you, the consumer know exactly what you are using on your skin.

The products can be pricey (it is purified liquid gold, afterall!) which is why I am calling it an organic “splurge” but because each product is formulated with such high quality ingredients, you can use one product (like their most popular, liquid gold peptides) as a stand alone and forgo the other products.

For those willing to splurge a little more, Tiffany offers these two great skincare tips when purchasing products together.

  1. When putting on skincare products always go from the thinnest to the thickest. Serums first, then gels, and finally moisturizers.
  2. No matter what skin type the sequence should always be the same. You need to hydrate. You need to work on the peptide portion of the skin (the inner cement layer, the glue that holds the skin together) Next, you work on the cells to help hydrate and plump up those cells. Lastly, you seal it in with a moisturizer.
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