Introducing Peptide Lift Serum

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Peptide Lift Serum

Peptide Lift Serum is loaded with therapeutic active ingredients proven to help firm skin.

But one of the newest actives we are excited to introduce to you is by…



ElaVastin™ is a cosmeceutical therapeutic that increases skin’s resilience and capacity to resist the effects of gravity

Murraya Koenigii Stem Extract

Reinforces skin’s elastic potential and corrects signs of sagging. It physically and structurally supports skin’s elastic fibers, aiding in recovering its elasticity and resistance to gravity. Murraya Koenigii Stem Extract makes it possible to correct the clinical signs linked to skin sagging while restoring facial harmony and balance. 

Murraya Koenigii has been used for hundreds of years to bring flavor to dishes and also as a pain-reliever. Its healing properties and rich phytochemical content are well documented in scientific literature.

Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng is a small shrub. In the traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine, the leaves, bark and roots are associated with diverse metabolic actions.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Enhance digestion
  • Aid in treating diabetes


  • Relieve burning sensation
  • Aid in treating Leprosy & skin diseases 
  • Aid in treating inflammation

The studies on ElaVastin™ prove highly efficient:

  • Promotes and protects skin elasticity 
  • Reduces the impact of gravity
  • Limits skin sagging
  • Redesigns facial oval
  • Reduces deep and vertical wrinkles

What Else Makes Peptide Lift Serum So Special?


  • Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide
  • 2 Hexapeptides 33
  • Oligopeptide 51


  • Bamboo stem cells 
  • Swiss Apple Stem Cells


  • Chondrus Crispus (red seawood algae)
  • Kakadu plum
  • Plankton extract (red algae)
  • Snow mushroom (collagen structural protein)

We spare no expense in making sure only the best of the best goes in our products at proven clinical usage levels!

And of course, we use our organic base of certified organic aloe vera juice, cell salts and activated oxygen!

Peptide Lift Serum can be combined with any other Tiffany Andersen products such as, gels, serums and moisturizers just as you would use other peptide products.


This formula does not contain any essential oils or natural fragrances. It is specifically designed for very sensitive skin types and skin which has been treated with a professional treatment.

Live in good health with beautiful skin!