There are SO many options available when you’re choosing skincare. But if you are looking to achieve true results you need to start with products proven to work. 

Cosmeceutical skincare lines have been around for quite a while now. In fact you can go into almost any professional spa out there and pick one up. 

A standard cosmeceutical has been proven to work through third-party clinical studies, and it will have gone through double-blind studies. Standard cosmeceuticals are not FDA approved because they are not considered a drug.

Medical-grade skincare products are considered drugs, however, and therefore require a prescription. A standard cosmeceutical skincare formulation will show a proven effect in the skin to help reduce all signs of aging—without being labeled a drug. In other words, a cosmeceutical can substantiate the claims, and that is why they remain the top shelf items for proven skincare efficacy.  


A standard cosmeceutical will contain 10 to 15% active ingredients which in the skincare world—believe it or not—is A LOT.

Over-the-counter products in big box retail stores typically contain only 1 to 3% of active ingredients.  ?

The downside with standard cosmeceuticals is that the other 85 to 90% often contains harsh and toxic chemicals such as silicone, parabens, formaldehyde preservatives and more. These synthetic ingredients help produce the result. For example, silicone, which is often used in skincare, is a toxic bioaccumulative plastic which instantly fills in wrinkles.

But do you want that in your skincare?

TOXINS build up in the skin, just like the body, and age you faster. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs 7% of everything we put on it. When the body is unable to eliminate toxins fast enough due to chronic bioaccumulative build up, the toxins get stored in the fat cells. This then turns into cellulite, brings on more crow’s feet and increases inflammatory conditions which cause pigmentation and accelerate acne.

In fact, by the time you see a “skin issue” such as eczema, psoriasis and acne you can be sure the bigger issue is on the inside. The skin is the last organ which shows you that the body is overloaded as toxins  are finally forced to the surface of the skin as a last ditch effort to save the organs inside. If the skin is showing you these signs, imagine what is going on, on the inside.


Toxins eventually break down the body, making it susceptible to disease, vulnerable to bacteria, viruses—and yes—a pandemic  

So what is the answer if we truly want a skincare line that works? 

Watch for the continuation of our new Holistic Journey into understanding exactly why you need CLEAN COSMECEUTICALS™️ and why they are much harder to find…



Live in good health with beautiful skin!