The shocking truth about tap water

Recently you learned that drinking ½ oz of water per pound of body weight each day is what is needed to avoid dehydration. If you do become dehydrated you should drink 100-120 oz of electrolyte water per day for 2-3 days to rehydrate your body. 

To make electrolyte water you need a combination of pure cell salts or sea salt and 5-7 drops of lemon. That is a foundational Law of Cellular Health. We also learned that the same electrolyte infusions of cell salts and organic micronutrients should be the base for any Clean Cosmeceutical™

Before we get into how to get those micronutrients into skincare products, let’s gain a better understanding of the toxins in tap water. What’s actually in that water you use to brush your teeth?

Did you know that almost ALL major states are now using filtered sewage water in their tap water?

Tap Water


It’s true. For example, Nevada dumps 250 million gallons of filtered sewage water into Lake Mead every single DAY. Back in 2011 it was 100 million gallons, but it has actually doubled in 10 years.  That water is delivered to homes with loads of chlorine and fluoride to help kill off the bacteria, viruses and fungi of all kinds along with a host of toxic pharmaceutical chemicals that continuously flood into the water.

Now, they will say the water goes through extensive filtration—like reverse osmosis—to push out bacteria and pharmaceuticals. However, a simple water test done by a reputable water filtration company such as Kinetico can show you a visual of just how much sediment is left in your filtered tap water. You might be surprised that the level of chlorine is up to 4 milligrams per liter, which is twice as much as recommended in the average pool at 2.5 milligrams per liter. 

Furthermore, if the city water is truly clean, why does the World Health Organization set limits to how much filtered sewage water can be used in household tap water?  A great way to solve this problem is to get a reverse osmosis system set up in your house in the kitchen sink. After filtration be sure to remineralize your drinking and cooking water. You can also get a soft water system which protects your family from contaminants while showering and brushing your teeth, including chlorine VOCs, pesticides and many other chemicals.

Another question you should be asking by now, is: If water is the #1 ingredient listed on most skincare products, what kind of water do they use?  Is it filtered spring, deionized, or structured water?  Those are key types of water to look for if you want a truly CLEAN water based formula! Not only can water be laced with toxic chemicals, it is also very dehydrating to the skin. That is why oftentimes you can put products on and feel like your skin is dry just a few minutes later. It is better to look for products that use organic plant-based micronutrients such as organic aloe vera juice and cell salts as a base instead of water (like we have been doing since day one).

Structured Water

In case you are not familiar with the term “structured water,” it is naturally charged electron water that comes right off the mountain tops. However, due to the process water goes through to get to your kitchen sink, (old pipes often times with other issues involved) it does not stay that way, and the perfect hexagonal water crystal shape changes, which creates an imbalance in the water molecule and makes it much harder to hydrate the cells. Structuring the water turns the water back into the original hexagonal shape nature intended. There are very simple ways to structure water, which we will share with you later. 

A true Clean Cosmeceutical™️ will leave your skin glowing with just a few drops because of the amount of pure clean nutrients used as the base. This base acts as a powerful driver delivering highly concentrated therapeutic actives to the deepest part of the epidermis.

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Live in good health with beautiful skin!