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You Probably Need More Water…the sooner the better

Drinking water is probably one of the most simple and healthy things we can do for our bodies but there is more to it than that. Sure, we know it’s a must for a variety of reasons but here’s a short list of some of the best drinking waters, along with a few tastier ways to help get the minimum 64 ounces your body needs.

When your body is in a dehydrated state there are various effects to the system. You may have woken up after drinking the night before and right away see consequences in the mirror…yikes! This lack of hydration is caused by the alcohol and results in a dehydrated appearance. What’s scary is your heart is doing the same thing; it starts to slightly shrivel up and must work harder because your blood is running thicker. This isn’t the normal consistency for healthy blood flow. You may also experience fatigue, headaches, brain fog, or even some depression without water. We are constantly trying to get the blood flowing to keep us healthy and drinking water is essential.

So, what is the best water to drink? Look at the vast selection on the shelves today and you can understand why people are confused. Some of the more common types of water include tap water which may contain fluoride. While most people are familiar with the dangers of fluoride, it still continues to be widely used in toothpastes and mouthwash. Actually fluoride is on the top ten list of the most deadly chemicals to ingest, yet it’s being pumped into our water system nationwide. Go figure! Interestingly, New York City probably has the best public water and the most extensive water filtration system in the country. It’s hard to believe but they are proud of it and understandably so. I must say it’s absolutely the best tasting tap water in the Nation.  I don’t live in NYC, so in my city I prefer to buy local spring water.

There is also reverse-osmosis treated water. It removes some fluoride and chlorine but it also pulls out important minerals. Then there’s distilled water. The Chinese gave distilled water (as well as reverse osmosis water) the nickname “dead water” because of its lack of minerals. However, you can re-mineralize these types of water with cell salts. Also, adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar can help balance the water’s alkalinity.

Alkaline water is probably the most popular water trend right now. Alkaline water is made up of smaller molecules so cells absorb it more readily than other water and therefore results in better hydration. By reducing the acidity in your body, alkaline water can also improve your chances of remaining cancer-free; yet another reason alkaline water has been so popular.

My new favorite water that I’ve been drinking lately is a variation on the “fruit waters” created by adding fruits and herbs. In a large, glass pitcher, I add sliced cucumbers, oranges, lemons, limes, or whatever other fruits that may be in season. I then add organic rosemary from my garden. I really like rosemary because of its therapeutic properties and how it benefits mental alertness. However, mint, basil, and parsley also are fun to use and add a lot of great flavor. What are your favorite fruits and herbs? Have fun and be creative with your own combinations. These different combinations really make a big difference in increasing your recommended daily water intake. Often, I get stuck on combinations that I love for weeks, so I have to remind myself to change it up a bit just to add a little variety and spice to my life. It is SO worth the few extra minutes to create this tasty, all natural drink and it’s especially popular with house guests. I get compliments all the time and it looks so fancy-schmancy. It also relaxes me and mentally transports me as though I was in spa and pampering myself. I think we can all enjoy that vibe!

Lastly, there is a theory regarding the time of the day that you’re supposed to consume your water, when it will maximize its effectiveness on the body. However, I simply drink water throughout the day, so I really don’t follow any set of rules━I want to keep it simple. With that said however, here are the “recommended” times to drink throughout the day and why:

  • Two glasses of water in the AM━activates the internal organs.
  • One glass of water 30 minutes before a meal━for digestion.
  • One glass of water before taking a shower━helps prevent high blood pressure.
  • One glass of water before going to bed━helps prevent strokes or heart attacks .

Here’s a great reference on water, “Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty!” by F. Batmanghelidj and also visit for additional information. Actually, there are a ton of great books that are really fascinating about water…so why not grab a glass of water now, kick-back and drink up!


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