Everyday we have our daily obligations. They can be work, family, whatever, but what do you do for yourself? When you add good habits that relate to your personal goals it becomes easier to create your daily schedule. That in turn creates success in your day overall. And that my friends, makes for a less stressful day.

People are most productive in the morning. I don’t know about you but when I get up at six and start my day, I find I get SO much more done than if I get up at ten. I seem to have way less interruptions as well. That’s huge. If I’m up nice and early and do my errands then I’m often done early in the afternoon and have the rest of my day.

Waking early is a key to successful habits but integrating a working daily routine will have you on your way to a better day. Try adding some of these that make sense for your lifestyle.

  1. Make a prioritized schedule of your day. Make a realistic list of your tasks that day and prioritize it.
  2. Open up your blinds. A little sunlight goes a long way. Get the sun in your house and get energized. Natural light has many advantages on the body.
  3. Stretch when you get out of bed. This literally takes five minutes and gets your blood moving. You will immediately feel energized and ready to get the day started.
  4. Make your bed. Yes, you’ve heard this before but it’s so true. Good decisions lead to good decisions.
  5. Make breakfast. It is one of the fastest meals you can make. Eggs literally cook in minutes. You can even soft boil an egg while you’re getting ready (remember to set a timer) and throw a piece of toast in the toaster. Or prep for a nutritious, antioxidant smoothie the night before and throw it in the blender in the morning. Stay away from a high carb breakfast, as this will make your system crash before lunchtime. Concentrate on a meal with protein, fat and fiber. Ditch that sugar!
  6. Have a glass of hot water with the juice of one lemon upon rising, then have your cup of coffee or caffeinated tea about an hour later. The lemon water alkalizes your system and aids your digestive tract.
  7. Put out the night before whatever you need for the next day. That means whatever outfit you are wearing and anything you need to take (like your list for the day) with you. Nothing wastes more time or stresses me out more than trying to get out the door and running around looking for whatever. This is incredibly effective.
  8. Take five minutes of meditation. This can help you become more focused, decreases anxiety, stress and even depression. So basically you will be a happier person all around!

I added these daily morning habits and I found myself to be much more organized. Try adding one or two at a time and once it becomes a habit then add a few more. It absolutely creates a better mindset for the rest of my day. Sounds good to me.

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Live in good health with beautiful skin!