This truly is the only question you should be asking your skincare professional!

Before we answer that, we have one more question for you:

Why is it so important for skincare to be CLEAN?

Seems simple enough, right?


ORGANIC skincare does not always = ? CLEAN

VEGAN skincare does not always = ? CLEAN

NATURAL skincare does not always = ? CLEAN

  • Sadly, products claiming the catch phrase “ORGANIC, NATURAL and VEGAN” still often contain toxic chemicals.
  • Only a small portion of ORGANIC and NATURAL ingredients need to be in a formula for it to claim “MADE WITH …”

None of this really has anything to do with removing the THREE BIG OFFENDERS:






TOXIC CHEMICALS build up in the skin, even at low levels, and eventually speed up the aging process.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs 7% of everything you put on it. When the body is unable to eliminate toxins fast enough due to chronic bioaccumulative build up, the toxins get stored in the fat cells as cellulite, bring on more crow’s feet and increase inflammatory conditions which cause stubborn pigmentation and accelerate acne.

They are NOT what you want in your expensive skincare products.

And yes, they eventually break down the body, making it susceptible to a pandemic or other DISEASE …

OK, you ask, so why not just use skincare products that are USDA Certified Organic? 

While USDA Certified Organic products do use 95 – 100% organic ingredients, products like that popular 100% avocado cream do not leave room in the formula for clean, clinically proven ingredients that help brighten, tighten and smooth out the skin.

When you are looking for proven results and spending your hard earned money on age-reversing skincare products, it’s important to understand what you are paying for.

Most professional medical spas carry the top two categories:


  • Sold under the care of a physician. 
  • Active ingredients must be FDA approved 
  • Prescription strength {drug} 
  • For conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Contains 30-40% clinically proven ingredients which typically come from a chemical 
  • Proven to work through double-blind studies before being allowed to the market 
  • Often contain a base of 40% harsh chemicals and considered toxic 
    •  silicone, parabens, formaldehyde preservatives etc…


  • Sold through medical spas
  • Proven to work through double-blind studies 
  • NOT FDA approved because it is not a drug 
  • Can substantiate claims; reduce wrinkles, pigmentation etc.. 
  • Achieve an actual proven result
  • Often contains 10 -15% clinically proven ingredients 
  • Often contains a base of 85% harsh and toxic chemicals {silicone, parabens, formaldehyde preservatives etc.} which cells will try to repel. 

Basic chemistry proves cells in the body will always try to protect themselves from toxins to the point of death—cells would rather starve to death than take in toxins—thus creating a protective layer through the cell membrane, controlling not only what goes into the nucleus, but how much of it will go in as well.

Renew medical spa proudly offers

Next Gen—A Clean Cosmeceutical™️

  • Combines multiple clean clinically proven therapeutic ingredients
  • CAN substantiate claims—wrinkle reduction, pigmentation, firming, etc.
  • Ingredients have undergone lengthy double-blind clinical studies 
  • Ingredients evaluated by a toxicologist proven to be CLEAN. 
  • Does not contain carcinogens, neurotoxins, or hormone disruptors
  • Contains at least 15-25% clinically proven ingredients 
    • Typically a higher level of active ingredients here than a Standard Cosmeceutical, because this is where the result comes from vs. “silicone,” {AKA Dimethicone, Trimethicone} a liquid plastic and a cheap filler that fills in wrinkles. 
  • A certified organic base and meets the certified organic standards of 75% total formula. 
    • An organic base is pure nutrients to the skin. The skin recognizes it as “food” which in turns makes it a powerful catalyst for the skin, as the skin is thirsty for pure nutrients, it will draw the active ingredients deeper into the skin, naturally.
      • In turn, you now have a more powerful formula.

The beauty of it all

WHEN you can find an age-reversing skincare brand that has put in the painstaking time, energy, research and double-blind studies—backed by a toxicologist—then you know you have a product that not only WORKS at a clinical level, but is also SAFE.



> Higher active ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin.

> Use less of the product because it is so concentrated.

> Paying more up front for a CLEAN COSMECEUTICAL™️ means spending less over time.

And the winner is …


Tiffany Andersen Brands has been formulating as a CLEAN COSMECEUTICAL™️ since DAY ONE—eight years ago—starting with Gavée Gold, and then Salts Alive. This is why these brands launched with world-class spas like Canyon Ranch Spa & Fitness and Woodhouse Day Spas.  

“Creating Gracious Glow, A Clean Cosmeceutical™️has been the greatest professional challenge of my life. I am so proud of this collection and the amazing people behind the journey who have given me the strength to keep going. It is the best of Gavée Gold age reversing skincare and Salts Alive bath and body combined as a beautiful Clean Cosmeceutical™️. I truly hope all of our Renew Medical Spa patients who are first to try it will be greatly blessed by it.” 

–Tiffany Andersen
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