Yesterday is gone, so why not let the pain go too? Letting go of the past and starting over again is oftentimes incomprehensible, especially later in life. Maybe 2021 played out for you like a bad dream. Maybe you feel stuck somewhere between learning how to navigate the new future and letting go of a painful past. 

Can we ever make sense of past pain? How about this year, instead of trying to make sense of it, we learn to use past lessons as building blocks, to help us become stronger for tomorrow?

If you are struggling with letting go of the past, try this one exercise which has been beneficial for many entrepreneurs.

When you have your list, hold it in your hand and say these words:

“I made these mistakes, I chose to forgive myself, and others. I will do better today with the lessons I have learned for a stronger tomorrow”  

Then take the paper filled with all the mistakes, fears and pain and tear it up or burn it.




You might be surprised how you feel after you take this one practice to heart in a very serious way. 

Don’t let fear stop you. 

Don’t let the past destroy your future. 

And don’t listen to the lies that whisper you can’t…

“Lace up your boots and rise stronger than ever before!” 


You can do anything you put your mind to. The body can overcome anything if the belief is strong enough. This is why the placebo effect is part of every clinical trial before a new drug is released—to make sure it is safe and not just happening in the mind…don’t underestimate the power of BELIEF…

NEVER GIVE UP on a beautiful future, Sunshine!

Be Inspired and Shine from Within!

Live in good health with beautiful skin!