Mama Said, “Take Your Vitamins!”

But Mama didn’t know the whole truth. She didn’t mean to hurt you, and she passed on what she thought was true and helpful.

However, the vitamin companies make fortunes manufacturing and selling chemically produced “nutrients,” which have actually been refined and devitalized all life-giving organic nutrients. These companies then pass off the vitamins to you as the real thing, promising they will help prevent progressive degenerative disease. In truth, these synthetic stimulants are frequently doing more harm than good.


No matter how much science goes into making them, synthetic vitamins are not natural vitamins; they have been manufactured in a lab and are re-created fractions of a whole complex. They contain only a portion of the bioactive nutrients needed for the precise nutritional complex to have an effect. 

These are not true nutrients but rather synthetic stimulants

And anything synthetic which goes in the body can have a grave effect.

So what makes a synthetic vitamin, and how do I you know if what I am taking is really a whole food supplement? The answers are not as complicated as you might think. Simply read the ingredients and look at the section that reads “Fillers or Other Ingredients.” The best products on the market will either indicate “No Fillers” or “Veggie Cap,” which means no hormones were used in making the capsule. There may be two or three other ingredients listed which will have the term “Whole Food” on the bottle. Doctors’ Research is a great example of a whole food vitamin brand.  

Stop the madness—stop using GMOs!

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, or as we like to say, “God Move Over”) represent chemical additives, chemical preservatives and commercial processing, which create serious health conditions for the average consumer. 

In addition, did you know there are over 30 different ROCK fillers vitamin companies use to fill up the capsules and save money? Not only is this bad for your liver and gallbladder, it can also accelerate the aging process.

Know what you’re using on your skin and putting in your body, and choose real nutrients.

Live in good health with beautiful skin!