Whole food grown God’s way can’t be improved upon

We have already learned in our blog Vitamins: The Real Truth that synthetic rock filler supplements are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and represent chemical additives, chemical preservatives and commercial processing, which create serious health conditions for the average consumer. 

“America’s cancer rate is at an all-time high due to chemicals in our food, supplements and cosmetics from sources which, if cleaned up, we could reverse the cancer epidemic in as little as ten years.”

Dr. Epstein, world-renowned toxicologist

Sadly, most supplements that companies manufacture do not actually contain real food.

Whole food vitamins contain ALL the nutrients required for proper absorption. Studies show that taking extracted portions of folic acid alone decreases homocysteine by about 17% whereas taking optimum vitamins from whole food (not broken apart) will actually contain the synergistic mates of B6, B12, and folic acid and will decreases homocysteine levels by 60%!

Another benefit of whole food vitamins is that they absorb into the body 1,000 times more readily, essentially making them 1,000 times more potent than synthetic vitamins. In other words, vitamin C made from synthetic rocks (ascorbic acid) will give you 500 mg while a whole food supplement of vitamin C (food vitamin C) will deliver 27,000 mg.

Thats a huge difference, quite literally the difference between overcoming scurvy, or dying from it! It really pays to educate! 

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In other words, herbs help the body do something it cannot do or is not doing well on its own, such as filter the liver. Natural stimulants are far better than any synthetic stimulants on the market because they are actually medicinal food—hence, herbal medicine. In taking herbs, one should use caution because herbs do create a certain effect in the body.

Whole Food vs. Synthetic Vitamins

If someone is taking medication for a heart condition, and then takes an herb that stimulates the heart, there could be a contraindication. This is one reason it is always wise to seek a professional’s advice before beginning an in-depth herbal program. Whole food supplements, on the other hand, ONLY support the body’s physiological functions needed to survive. The chances of taking a whole food supplement with a contraindication is very low. They are, after all, only food.

When switching over from synthetic vitamins to whole food supplements and herbs, you may feel a crash because your body is accustomed to taking high doses of fake nutrients. Once you switch, you may not feel that energy high right away because whole food supplements will not give you a fake high. They will fully rejuvenate the body.

Benefits Over Time

This is similar to what one experiences when quitting caffeine. After a short while, you will not feel like you need to be stimulated because you now feel better all the time! You will encounter many distributors of these products providing research to back up claims that their product is the best on the market. They will swear that it is fine to take supplements with synthetic elements in them; they will say it’s natural. But the truth is that anything added to meet a larger profit margin is probably not something you want in your body! Products can be made without these additives, but the costs and care required in the manufacturing process are greater.

I don’t care what company it is, my advice is to stick with products that are as WHOLE FOODS in their natural form—as God created them—and let your body do the rest!

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