I don’t know about you but every time a new year starts I get on a clean and organizing kick. It always starts this process of resolutions and wanting to organize like crazy. We can clean all we want, but it’s the day-to-day habits that are going to give real long-term results. If I put my clothes on the chair after I take them off every day then I’m always going to have to clean those up eventually. So, I’m still creating my own version of insanity basically? That’s no good.

The best way I’ve found to counteract this is trying these simple daily habits that honestly only take minutes a day. As you implement them you will find yourself with more time to do other things. Not only that, but your home will stay cleaner longer which creates more time for other things. Make your bed. I know you’ve heard this one before but there really is something to it. Also I found if I do this, I don’t get back in. I also love coming home from work and seeing that nicely made bed when I come into my bedroom.

Fold your clothes and put them away as soon as you take them off. Put your shoes away and throw dirty clothes in the hamper. I consistently put clothes on a chair so I bought a clothing ladder for my room. This works great. They make them out of wood or metal, have 3-5 rungs, and attached baskets on them depending on size. They’re great to put your outfit on the night before, etc. I wish I had one of these years ago. No more clothes on a chair!

Wash your dishes after every meal (or rinse them for the dishwasher). I HATE washing dishes but I almost hate looking at dirty dishes in the sink even more. What I found worked really well for me was consistently having a separate dish tub or side in my sink with soapy water and a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves. Good gloves are a must. Once you start using them you will rarely want to go without. It’s so easy to put that dish in the warm, soapy water and wash it. A clean sink is a happy sink.

Go through mail daily (including email). I started going through both mailboxes daily and then even better, I unsubscribe to any email that I haven’t bought anything from in the last three months or never buy from. It’s incredible how the emails have taken up so much storage on my Macbook. No more!

Before you go to bed, put away and straighten up in the living room/family room. It’s so much nicer to wake up to a clean area before going to work, trust me. It’s so easy to continue and keep laying small things around. Think of it as the law of attraction. Mess attracts more mess. Break the cycle.

These daily habits have been effective for me but more than anything they have been successful in helping me keep the house much cleaner. Let me know some of your favorite daily cleaning habits!

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