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What are Peptides?

Peptides are among the most beneficial ingredients you can look for in skincare. But do you know why? And more importantly, do you know the difference between all the different kinds of peptides on the market? Peptides are the collagen protein bonds that hold your skin cells together, protecting your epidermis, keeping it strong, and revealing a firmer healthier glow in your skin!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the foundation of the epidermis. Collagen I (one) makes up 80 percent of human skin. Collagen III makes up 15 percent (fibroblast, elasticity, and hyaluronic acid). These fundamental proteins produce collagen composed of amino acids linking together like a chain. During overexposure to sunlight and environmental factors, such as smoking, or products filled with toxic chemicals, collagen becomes depleted. The natural aging process will begin decreasing collagen by your mid-twenties and by your early thirties you lost 1-2 percent of collagen a year.

Through all of these factors which deplete collagen, overexposure to sun is the leading is the leading cause of extrinsic aging. In one controlled study irradiated tissue showed a death rate of 76.8 percent of cells in comparison to that of non-irradiated tissue (1). However I believe the sunlight supports plenty of great benefits which aid in not only skin health, but overall health. If you do chose to vacation in the Bahamas and splurge all day in the sun, please avoid chemical filled sunscreens, which contain things like oxybenzone, avobenzone, octysalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate. These chemicals are hormone disruptors which are linked to cancer and aid in the breakdown of collagen (2). Look for a healthier alternative for sunblock, a physical block which contains zinc oxide. Practicing these two important key tips––moderate amounts of sun with a physical block sunscreen––will do wonders in slowing down the rate of which you lose collagen.

Peptide Challenge Chemical Bonds

Interesting Fact

When collagen is depleted due to all the above factors, the skin being an amazing self-renewing mechanism sends out a signal triggering the skin to generate more peptides! Did you know you can safely trick the skin to mimic a collagen breakdown by first doing a manual exfoliation? Gently removing dead skin, thinning the epidermis and applying a peptide serum will cause your skin to think it’s a collagen breakdown due to increased topical peptides. It will then create more peptides!

But what is the difference between all these topical peptides? Are they all created equally?

The most commonly used peptide is oligopeptide, considered a first generation peptide. A blend of amino acids, alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, glycine, leucine, serine, threonine, and tyrosine, oligopeptides effectively brighten skin and can replace retinol without its irritating side effects that cause sun sensitivity. Oligopeptides are therefore great for collagen production and help to rebalance new skin cells and smooth out wrinkles.

Second Gen Peptides

In recent years several more peptides have been making headways with much success. Welcome to the second generation of peptides. Optimized rice peptides and the natural polymer derived from sweet almond peptides form an exceptional blend that help rejuvenate the visual signs of aging combined together in one active ingredient (Intergri Active FirmLift). This powerful blend consists of small and large peptides designed to stimulate long term intense anti-aging benefits. This innovative, natural polymer created from sweet almond peptides (the larger peptides) adhere to the outermost layer of skin forming a stable yet soft and supple film. This film provides both immediate and perceivable skin lifting and tightening benefits.

The smaller sized peptides from rice proteins has a synergistic and greatly enhance the overall efficacy of the blend of specialized peptides this blend is considered a second generation because it mimics some response of the skin cells like growth factors and fibroblast proliferation to enhance natural cellular function.

Another great second generation peptides is called Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 by Progeline. Progeline is a three amino acid peptide that decreases progerin synthesis. Progerin is a new aging biomarker first discovered through the Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome––a rapid appearance of aging beginning in childhood. Progeline significantly decreases the production of progerin attesting to its power as an anti-aging ingredient that helps delay the senescence process (4). Senescence is the change that occurs in the biology of an organism as it ages after maturity. Cellular Senescence is the phenomenon whereby hormonal cells lost the ability to divide but remain active and display increased activity of metalloproteinases that degrade the extracellular matrix. Senescent cells are also linked to progerin, a toxic protein. As cells age, the accumulation of progerin causes nuclear defects and increased DNA damage and greatly contributes to the appearance of signs of aging(4).

Then there’s Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which is recognized for its ability to help relax the muscles in the face typical to mimicking botox and helping to reduce those troublesome fine lines. Pretty powerful right! This peptide is one of the hardest to find on the open market. This one is found primarily in medical spas. 

Layering Peptides for Better Effect

Last but certainly not the least!we have the third generation of peptides, Hexapeptide-33 to be exact! This was developed by W3 Peptide under novel strategy to activate cells through inducing intracellular calcium signaling cascade by binding “G-Protein Coupled Receptor” (GPCR). GPCR is one of the key elements to induce intracellular calcium signaling cascade and activate metabolism (life) and regeneration of every cell. Therefore, Hexapeptide-33 has the unique power to induce wound healing, reduce wrinkles and greatly brighten the skin by binding to GPCR and activating cell vitality.

Because different peptide ingredients each have their own function affecting different parts of the epidermis, layering a variety of peptides in high-concentrations is KEY to getting the full effect. Layering peptides targets all areas vital to skin “peptide health” and not just a portion. Finding products with a synergistic blend of high-performing, clean based peptide serums in one bottle can actually present a significant challenge.  You will most likely find something like that in a medical spa or through an intensive “system.” Most over-the-counter peptide serums contain at most three high-performing peptides. In order for a product to provide a clinically proven result, it’s necessary to combine many of the most powerful peptides on the market. That’s what we are bringing you––our customer–– a powerful blend of six different peptides all infused in very high-concentrations. And I haven’t even gotten into the plant-based stem cells infused in our product yet!


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