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Do you know how good ozone is for you? I am not talking about the ozone from the air mixed with other nitrates either, which is what you breathe in daily. Ozone has sadly gotten a bad rap and it’s greatly misunderstood. Usually when you hear that word it’s referring to the smog layer. What you probably don’t know though is, that in its proper form, ozone is widely used in several types of therapies, and it’s also great for the body. Check out some of the benefits, why we use ozonated oils in our formulas and how it’s beneficial!

Another way to say “ozonated” is “oxygenated,” so does that give you a clue? That being said, what does “ozone” even mean? Oxygen is O2 and ozone is actually O3. So basically instead of having two oxygen molecules there are three. Why is that a big deal? Well that extra molecule falls off and acts as a powerful free radical fighter, then you are left with PURE oxygen for the skin! Lack of oxygen in the skin leads to aging just about as fast as not breathing and it leads to death! So it’s a pretty important element, wouldn’t you think?

In Europe, ozone therapy has been used for over 50 years as a common practice amongst doctors. Here in the United States, it’s taught privately at naturopathic schools so it’s not widely known to Western medicine. That’s highly unfortunate. Another reason we prefer to use ozonated oils is that it’s completely natural. Did you know that our ancient atmosphere had twice as much oxygen as it does now? Our bodies are now surviving on half the oxygen than originally planned! No wonder we seem to be more susceptible to disease and sickness with this information and then factoring in our diets. These days we all seem to be trying to eat cleaner, use “green” products, and we’re more concerned about our air quality. We know ozone in skincare is one of the best kept secrets around!

The highest quality of ozone is created from medical grade oxygen combined with an ozone machine and then infused for six months for the highest concentrations. Skin makes the perfect vehicle for ozonated oil because it’s the largest organ of the body, which is why it’s included in our skincare and bath & body formulas.

If you’re interested in trying ozonated water, there are affordable ozone machines now available on Amazon. It’s a great addition to your everyday routine and for overall health. You’ll feel energized and it’s an easy way to get the benefits internally. For highest quality results we recommend that you get a prescription from your doctor for an oxygen tank and use medical-grade oxygen. Note that ozonated water should only be made with the best spring water available and should never be made with purified or distilled water.

Now that you know more about what ozone really is, we highly encourage that you do your own research on the many benefits of ozonated oil and ozone therapies. It’s particularly effective as a preventative therapy for multiple issues that are brought on by lower life forms which create ill health in the body, such as parasites, fungus and bacteria, which makes it an all around great, natural remedy. We would love to hear any questions you may have on this topic so let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: we do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease with our products. We simply desire to enlighten the public on healthy options for beautiful skin from the inside out.

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