Gavée Gold––the world’s first organically extracted, metal-free, purified 24K gold liquid.

It sounds good, right? We all realize gold is a precious metal, and of course the word evokes luxury, value and elegance. Our lexicon is filled with phrases about gold, including these nuggets:

  • The gold standard
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • We’re golden
  • She’s sitting on a gold mine

Naming a product line after a precious metal seems logical in that context. But if you think about it, does it really make sense to have gold in skincare? It’s a metal, for heaven’s sake! How does it become “metal-free” and how could it possibly be good for our skin?

To understand why gold became the fundamental element in the Gavée Gold Proprietary Blend–– and why it’s also in our brand name––we have to dig a into a little science and history.

First, let’s understand what gold is. In the Periodic Table of Elements, the letters “Au” represent gold, from the Latin word aurum. Driven by obsession, early alchemists pursued their desire to transmute base metals (usually lead) into gold. Gold has the highest electron affinity of any metal, which makes it a very stable and sought-after element.

Ions naturally present in gold help stimulate the body’s cells, leading to improved blood circulation, increased skin cell metabolism and secretion of waste, stimulating healthy skin. Gold is often used as an anti-inflammatory element for arthritis in the joints.

Interesting, right?

But how does one get the benefits of gold––typically a hard metal––into the skin? Let’s look at zinc, another element that our bodies happen to need. In its elemental form, zinc is a necessary component of more than 300 enzyme systems within our bodies needed to help with wounds, fertility, vision, immunity and to fight against free radicals. We don’t eat blocks of zinc, though, do we? No, of course not! Plants absorb zinc into their roots from the soil that contains this precious metal; we then eat the plants and receive the benefits. The Gavée Gold process––separating gold metal and recombining it into an elemental form containing the precious properties of gold without the dead shell of the metal––parallels the role of the plants with zinc.  

Another way to understand this process is to think of water. Water can go through many changes. It can be a solid as ice, a liquid or a vapor––each having its own benefit and use. With gold, we use the solid metal for jewelry or use a form of gold salts (ormus or nano and colloidal particles are simply another form of gold liquid that contain the dead metal in tiny micro sizes). For the skin, however, the most valuable and effective form of gold is elemental gold liquid which extracts the vital properties and leaves the metal behind. Visualize an egg and its shell.

This is the only method that allows gold’s beneficial properties to be absorbed by the skin. Light years ahead of other skincare lines that contain gold metal particles, such as ormus gold, gold salts, nano or colloidal liquid gold, Gavée Gold’s liquid gold does not contain metal particles––only the vital properties of gold that act as a strong conductor catalyst to help drive all the other organic and high-performing herbs deeper into the skin naturally. Our proprietary blend of gold liquid uses a process that starts with 24 karat gold and captures the properties of the gold, leaving the final formulation completely metal-free.


This purification process can not be rushed, it goes through an organic extraction period over time––thirty years, to be precise!  Think about the process a fine wine goes through over time to build character, mellow in flavor and become more valuable. While not a precise comparison, this process is somewhat analogous with what our gold goes through. Over time, the elemental form of liquid gold acts as a powerful catalyst to increase the performance of all active ingredients (like plant stem cells from mungbean and apple, or powerful free radical fighters like mangosteen, noni, acia, goji berry and so many others) that reduce roughness and inflammation, help slow down collagen breakdown, firm skin and improve radiance.

We didn’t just throw the word “gold” onto our brand name to sound good. We chose it because it has important value for the skin. This is why our unique elemental gold liquid is key to our proprietary blend and truly adds precious benefits to all our products.

Go for the gold––metal-free liquid gold!

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